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Amanda Emblem is a singer, songwriter and performer from Upper Kandanga in Queensland.  Her career spans over 20 years during which time she has performed all over the world with the world’s greatest rock and blues artists, including Kiss, Aerosmith and Robert Cray.  Amanda’s songs have won International Awards, featured on the TV series Neighbours and continue to get regular international airplay.

The new EP, “FARMTIME”, is Out NOW!

Hello from The Mary Valley, Queensland, Australia.

I have great news…
Being a Recording Artist and a Market Gardener living in a rural area in Queensland Australia has come together spectacularly for me in the past few years.  I’m happy to inform you that I have another 5 songs ready to share with you.  It’s called “Farmtime.

Farmtime EP is now available on all streaming platforms. Below are the Spotify and Apple Music Links. Please like and download on your device to your music collection.



The industry is forever changing, (remember the fax machine and MySpace?!) and now more than ever the digital marketplace has overtaken traditional methods of distributing and selling music. While for some artists this has been a setback, not me! Going directly through a distributor/publisher that deals directly with the streaming services, my song royalties and payments have never been so transparent and instant!  Independent artists like me are reaping the benefits of change more than ever before. Whilst the returns I get are nowhere close to the time, money and effort spent making music, and my motivation clearly is not financial gain, I’m happy to report I can see a steady rise in streaming royalties and it may well only take one or two songs to get on a few important playlists to turn that around.  But even if that were to happen I wouldn’t retire… I get a lot of joy from creating music. It’s my life’s work.

If you don’t use music streaming services, fair enough.
I will soon have both of my EPs on a physical product, (big announcement coming) plus the CD of my last two albums are available here Amanda Emblem Merch Shop

Thanks for supporting me and my music. I consider myself so fortunate to be able to continue to write and record. The release process (sharing it with everyone) is by far the most challenging! So thanks in advance for your support.

Title: Farmtime (5 track EP)
Artist: The Amanda Emblem Experiment
Release Date: March 16, 2004
Label: Wild Weather Records

1. Waterfall
2. Of Course I Do
3. Middle of the Night
4. General Consensus
5. Aphrodisa

Produced by Andy Tainsh
Mastered by Steve Smart

On March 16, the new EP of the Australian artist The Amanda Emblem Experiment was released. The 5-track mini-album opens before us a new page in the work of a talented and charismatic musician and singer-songwriter Amanda Emblem.

Since 2017, Amanda Emblem has been performing under her name by adding the word ‘Experiment’ as the quintessence of her desire not to stand still but to develop as an artist. Before that, Amanda Emblem had a turbulent musical life in which she appeared as a singer and bassist of several popular Australian bands. Today, the artist is settled in rural South East Queensland, where she perfectly combines growing vegetables with writing and recording new original music.

Review by Musikepool

Amanda Emblem’s EP “Farmtime” is a soulful and introspective journey through the landscapes of rural Queensland, capturing the essence of her life amidst the serene beauty of nature. This EP is a testament to Amanda’s evolution as a songwriter…

Review by

In the serene landscape of South East Queensland, away from the chaos of urban life, Amanda Emblem leads a fascinating existence. Tending to her market garden by day and pouring her heart into soul-stirring music by night, she embodies the essence of simplicity and creativity. 

Live Performances coming up are in South East Queensland, Australia

23 February Kandanga Hotel
1 March Pomona Hotel
31 March Kandanga Hotel
28 April Kandanga Hotel
20 May Artist & Artisan

Genre: Folk, Rock, Blues & Alternative Roots

Label: Wild Weather Records

Current Influences:
Eric Burdon, Neil Young, Grand Funk Railroad & JJ Cale

Early Influences:
Aussie Pub Rock, Divinyls, ACDC & The Radiators



SE Queensland, Mary Valley, Australia.

Noteable Performances

*Mitchell Creek Rock’n’Blues Fest 2019,  2020, 2021,  2022

*Winton Way Out West Fest 2018

*Gympie Muster 2019, 2022

*Blues at Bridgetown 2018


*Robert Cray Band
(National Tour 2018)

*Sarah McLeod 2019

*Aerosmith (with Diva Demolition 2013)

*Kiss, Motley Crue, Thin Lizzy Monster Tour (with Diva Demolition 2013)

*Doc Neeson 2011 (with Legless)

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