Power of One

Can one person make a difference? Amanda Emblem is giving it a crack with her latest song “Power of One”. Released on May 5 this 5 track EP has generated a huge amount of interest and Stella reviews world wide.

Based in the Mary Valley of South East Queensland, Australia, Amanda Emblem is a voice, a songwriter and performing artist & musician.  The Amanda Emblem Experiment is her music and her brand, an evolving project that both performs live and records songs with other guest musicians.

Beautiful lush soundscapes and quality recordings have been a staple for Amanda with substantial previous experience as a recording artist with various Australian Rock and Punk Pop Rock Indie bands. Now Amanda’s voice is front and her songwriting is on show as she has taken control of her destiny. 

Amanda’s Latest Release “Power of One” is a 5 track Ep with four songs, two are different versions of the same song. All the information, the music video, artwork, mp3 and .wav files can be downloaded here:

Power of Oneis a statement about the state of the world today. Whilst being an uncomfortable topic this is contrasted by the soundscape of the track itself, which oozes warmth and beauty.  The song does not follow a traditional structure. Beautiful lush acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies featured throughout the song there are no choruses or verses as such, more so musical parts with subtle dynamic differences slowly building the intensity until the very end.  

It’s difficult to pigeonhole a song like this, which crosses folk, rock and adult contemporary genres. What it is, however, is thought provoking and worthy of multiple listens for both the musicality and the message in the lyrics which says little but speaks volumes.

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    Notes from the Songwriter

    Amanda Emblem “Power of One” 

    Can one person change the world, or at least make a difference? 

    I think about what I do, what I have done, and the reason why the fire that used to burn in my belly is now a puff of smoke with indigestion.  I too have become cynical. Spent. By a lifetime of observing the human race stagnate in its own chaos and corruption. There is little I can do about it, right? 

    Thing is… I’m not alone in my disillusion. I am not alone being lazy. Never before has there been so many people who just don’t care. Not to mention folks convinced by conspiracy theories and incorrect information getting round. Never before have people been so digitally “connected” and socially isolated at the same time.  

    There’s so much not to believe in and less and less people willing to stand up for what is right, because… What is right after all? No-one can be sure what they are reading or watching in the “News” is fact. As citizens of Earth we must now navigate through scam callers, clickbait, biased media and political propaganda to ascertain what information is important.

    It’s much easier to be ignorant, there’s no doubt. As humans we are not really connecting with each other meaningfully. Add the fact that we are on a changing planet. So much to lose yet we are still all obsessed by material things and in constant need for entertainment.  What is rapidly unfolding is growing apathy. Worse than any epidemic and potentially more fatal.  

    Some days I have cruel thoughts. I think there are too many humans on Earth. I see war and pandemic as the inevitable result of overpopulation. I feel there is little hope and I despair for younger people navigating a life in such circumstances. I am thankful I grew up in simpler times and it would be easier to let it go at that, because I am also waiting, not advocating for change. 

    I accept the inevitability of disaster, and instead of doing something about it, I gorge on apocalyptic movies and tv series in preparation for that inevitable reality of catastrophic climate change, or Mother Nature having her revenge in some way. My disgust with myself and with society at large is what has driven me to move from the city, live in remote Queensland, live off grid, and grow my own vegetables. 

    My saving grace is creativity and the power it gives me. It may never make sense or be proven by science. I’ve created this song, hoping that somehow it will make a difference, if only to document this very real dilemma we now all face and encourage others to ask the necessary questions. A drop in the Ocean I know, but it’s more than doing nothing at all. Maybe only just. 

    Creating, recording and releasing “Power of One” is a baby step. A larger challenge right now is to get people to listen. What will happen then? Maybe nothing, maybe everything.


    Amanda Emblem is a folk, alt-country rock singer, songwriter and musician living in rural Queensland, Australia. On 5 May Amanda released the EP “Power of One” featuring 5 tracks, including the title track. This follows up from her full length Album in October 2022, “The Last Miracle” which is still getting much attention, with songs such as “Summer of Love” and “Coconut Rum”.

    Amanda has a vast and varied career as a musician spanning 20 years. She toured as a professional musician until 2020, when she was literally stopped mid tour by the pandemic. She changed paths to focus on writing and recording and instead generated income from her love of gardening, creating a small market garden on a rural property in SE Queensland Australia, which today provides her local community with various fresh produce.

    Amanda’s past experiences performing as a front person/vocalist and bass player in various bands, saw her opening for the world’s largest rock bands, Kiss, Aerosmith and Motley Crue. These and other experiences working around Australia has given her valuable insight into the world of touring and popular music. One of her proudest achievements is entertaining Australian troops deployed overseas on 7 seperate occasions, taking her to places like Afghanistan and Iraq as well as Egypt, Pacific Islands and many Middle East destinations.
    In 2017 She decided to form her own musical entity forming “The Amanda Emblem Experiment”, working with various musicians, releasing her debut album “Who Is Amanda Emblem” in 2018, which was a crossover album from rock to singer/songwriter blues, roots & folk.


    SE Queensland, Mary Valley, Australia.

    Power of One (Lyrics)

     That’s what I call that’s what I call a revolution

    Power of one wasted on lazy people

    That’s what I call that’s what I call a revolution

    Opinions don’t matter possible cause is now

    Come back information… Come back!

    That’s what I call that’s what I call a revolution

    People need more than greed I’m sure you agree

    That’s what I call that’s what I call a revolution

    Superpowers… They won’t save you

    Leaderless we are enough

    Thats what I call a revolution


    Thats what I call a revolution


    That’s what I call that’s what I call a revolution

    That’s what I call a revolution


    On the same page maintaining the rage of ignorance

    Everyday folk like a bad joke… Heads underground

    Stuck on their phones, together alone. 

    Sold false information

    Power of One wasted on lazy people.



    Words and music by Kylie Cowling.

    Vocals, guitars and bass by Amanda Emblem

    Drums and back up vocals by Billy Adams.

    Flute and back up vocals by Kelly King.

    Engineered and Recorded by Scott Astill.

    Mixed by Andy Tainsch. Casita Studio, Gildora Australia


    Mastered by Steve Smart 301 Studio Sydney Australia

    Power of One Review Music Taste (UK)

    May 20

    THE AMANDA EMBLEM EXPERIMENT’s “Power Of One” EP takes listeners on a heartfelt musical journey, featuring an alt-folk ambiance that weaves stories of introspection and human connection. 

    From the relaxing and gentle opening track to the captivating vocal harmonies and evocative use of woodwind, this EP showcases the group’s talents as songwriters and vocalists as well as their ability to create a rich, atmospheric experience. 

    The titular track, “Power Of One,” sets the tone for the entire EP with its alt-folk timbre. The vocals shine through, acting as a guiding light that draws listeners into the intricate storytelling woven within each song. The honesty in her voice is a standout feature, evoking a sense of intimacy and authenticity that allows the listener to connect deeply with the emotions being conveyed. The subtle use of woodwind adds an ethereal touch, further enhancing the track’s overall enchanting quality.

    “Hang Your Hat” emerges as another standout track, infusing more of a country influence into their style. The song carries a sense of nostalgia and longing, exploring the complexities of relationships. The use of vocal harmonies in this piece is a brilliant touch, adding depth and texture to the composition. The harmonies create an atmosphere of connection, underscoring the themes of togetherness and shared experiences within a relationship.

    Throughout the EP, the vocals remain a consistent highlight. Her ability to convey emotion through her voice is both captivating and evocative. Each song becomes a personal journey, as her vocals guide the listener through the intricacies of the narratives. Her delicate yet powerful delivery allows the listener to feel the weight of each word and experience the raw emotions expressed within the lyrics. 

    “Power Of One” is an EP that thrives on its ability to create an atmosphere of introspection and connection. The songwriting is heartfelt and sincere, with each track serving as a window into individual experiences and emotions. The EP’s cohesive alt-folk sound adds a layer of consistency, allowing the listener to fully immerse themselves in the sonic landscape that is created.


    “Power Of One” by THE AMANDA EMBLEM EXPERIMENT is a captivating EP that showcases the group’s talents as songwriters and vocalists. The alt-folk melodies and gentle instrumentation create a serene backdrop for the emotionally charged lyrics. With standout tracks like “Power Of One” and “Hang Your Hat,” the EP invites the listener into a world of introspection and connection. The remarkable vocal performances and the EP’s evocative storytelling make it a compelling and memorable musical experience.